Women get equal prize money at Tour Down Under

Women will receive the same prize money as men from this year’s Tour Down Under, the South Australian government said Sunday in what it believes is a world first for a stage race.

The Tour Down Under is the first stage race in the world to offer parity between men’s races and women’s races!

Bath Tub for your Bike

You ride in the rain and winter, your bike is going to get dirty! Why not keep the mess of washing dirty bicycles in one place with this unique design from Bathtubs for Bicycles?

If you live alone, you can get away this putting your bike in the tub or shower, but this bike specific bathtub, will make it simple to clean your bike and can be placed in your garage for quick cleanup after a messy ride!

NL Architects Bicycle Club Design

Amsterdam-based NL Architects were been asked to design a Bicycle Club for a resort in Hainan, China. The project features a glass enclosed pavilion with a roof top velodrome.

Specialissima Pantani – 20th Anniversary

In the Summer of 1998, Marco Pantani and Bianchi put in some of the most epic stage race performances of all time to take outstanding wins at both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. It’s a feat that only seven riders have ever achieved and that confirmed Il Pirata’s place in cycling history and Italian culture.

To honor the 20th anniversary of Pantani’s spectacular Giro-Tour double, Bianchi has created a 2018 very special commemorative edition of the world-renowned Specialissima ultralight frame and fork.

UPS To Launch eBike In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

UPS has announced the launch of an eBike that will deliver packages along Las Olas Boulevard and in surrounding neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The electrically-assisted tricycle supports Fort Lauderdale’s Green Your Routine program, geared toward achieving the city’s sustainability goals, and, Vision Zero Fort Lauderdale, a citywide initiative to create safer streets for everyone. UPS’s Cycle Solutions will help reduce carbon emissions and noise, as well as improve traffic congestion and air quality in the city’s downtown corridor.

200 years ago in Germany… the bicycle

200 years ago in Germany Baron Karl von Drais showed off his newest invention: the ‘draisienne’ which was also known as the ‘laufmachine’, ‘running machine’ or ‘Vélocipède’), a two-wheeled horseless vehicle propelled by its rider. Without Baron Karl von Drais we would not have the modern bicycle.

Will UCI ban Chris Froome?

Chris Froome could be facing a racing ban after urine tests revealed elevated levels of Salbutamol during the 2017 Vuelta a España. A urine sample from a test taken after stage 18 of the Vuelta revealed 2,000 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of Salbutamol. Double the level allowed under WADA anti-doping rules.

Fresh from the Homestretch: Recipes from Pro & Elite Athletes

Fresh from the Homestretch is the first cookbook to compile recipes from world class athletes, and we’re proud to share this culinary collection of easy & delicious recipes for people on the go. Here’s the cherry on top: All proceeds from this cookbook go to Homestretch Foundation, our nonprofit based in Tucson, Arizona.

Draft Animals: Living the Pro Cycling Dream

Phil Gaimon takes readers along for his seasons in Europe, covering everything from rabid, water-bottle-stealing Belgian fans, to contract renewals, to riding in poisonous smog, to making friends in a sport plagued by doping

Gravel Cycling – Racing and Adventure

Gravel cycling is a glorious return to the purest roots of two-wheeled adventure. From farm roads and miners’ paths to the high passes of the Rockies and the Alps, gravel cycling and bikepacking will set you free to explore, enjoy, persevere, and discover.

Oculus 3000 Extreme, the best light.

Barry Beams has a new light which debuted at 2017 Interbike, the Oculus 3000. As you may have guessed by its name, the light features an amazing 3,000 lumens and a rechargeable battery. We consider the original Oculus 1800 light to be the best front light you can buy and the best just got better with the introduction of the Oculus 3000!

History of Shimano, February 1921

In February 1921, Shozaburo Shimano opened Shimano Iron Works in Higashi Minato in Sakai City when he was 26 years old. On the site of a demolished celluloid factory, he rented a nearly 40-square-meter area. The monthly rent was 5 yen. At that time, the new establishment had only a single lathe, measuring about 1.8 meters long. He had borrowed that machine from Sano Iron Works, benefiting from his friendship with its owner.