Dario Pegoretti, master Italian frame builder, dies.

Legendary Italian frame builder passed away yesterday at age 62, as a result of a heart attack.

Dario was known as one of the best frame builders in the world. His custom frames were often considered to be works of art due to his creativity when painting and welding. In the world of frame builders he was known as il maestro!


Dario worked exclusively with steel and aluminum, Pegoretti’s frames often were built under contract for Pinarello and Bianchi and were ridden to victory in some of cycling’s biggest races by riders including Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Stephen Roche and Mario Cipollini.

Dario learned his trade under another Italian master frame builder, Luigino Milani, who would become his father-in-law.

While his frame building talent was exceptional, Pegoretti was also well known for his paint, including the wild ciavete (child’s graffiti) schemes inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Pegoretti took inspiration from other artists, too: You can see Mark Rothko’s influence in the NK Stucco scheme.

Pegoretti’s shop almost always played jazz, and his Great Googoolee Moogoolee model is named after a Frank Zappa lyric. The stainless-steel Responsorium references a 2001 album by Argentine bandoneón artist Dino Saluzzi.

Dario’s nickname was maestro because he was a visionary when it came to building custom frames for professional cyclist and cycling aficionados around the world.

Do you own a custom built frame? Perhaps a Pegoretti?


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