UCI rejects Froome’s doping defense

The UCI has rejected Chris Froome’s explanations as unfounded and referred his case to an anti-doping court, French daily Le Monde reported last Friday.

Chris Froome tested for double the allowable amount of Salbutamol during last years Vuelta a España on September 7, 2017. In previous cases, Diego Ulissi tested positive for a similar level of the same drug, Salbutamol, at the Giro de Italia in 2014 and was banned for nine months by a Swiss disciplinary panel. In the 2007 Giro de Italia, Alessandro Petacchi tested positive for Salbutamol and was then banned for a year by the Italian authorities.

Union Cycliste Internationale appears to be open to banning Chris Froome and disciplinary proceedings by sending the adverse doping test Froome returned at the Vuelta a España last season to a tribunal. German judge Ulrich Haas will oversee the case according to French sports daily L’Equipe.

WADA director general Olivier Rabin said of the adverse Salbutamol finding that “the rule has been established for a long time, the allowed level has not changed and similar cases have already been judged by CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).”

Should Chris Froome face a similar ban as past cyclists who tested positive or should be allowed to race in the Giro de Italia and Le Tour de France?




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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Same rules, same ban… And how do so many pro cyclists have asthma? I don’t have such a handicap and I can’t even keep up with the Cat 2 guys. Sheesh.


    1. Rob Wood says:

      The numbers of pros with asthma isn’t that surprising. They push their cardio to the limit and as such many cases that would normally go diagnosed rise to the surface and small triggers flare up to much larger attacks.


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