LENGTH OF SWEDEN is an endurance ride documentary – following three cyclists on the 2,100 km Sverigetempot randonée along the spine of Scandinavia. The Sverigetempot is a ten year old, officially-sanctioned brevet, totaling 2100 kilometers. The ride begins on the Sweden and Norway border, in a small town called Riksgränsen.


Riksgränsen is Sweden’s northernmost ski resort and also known as the birthplace of modern skiing.

From there, a small group of riders have either 144 hours or 177 hours to make it to the southernmost point of the country, Smygehamn. The Embrace, a 1930s statue of a woman that overlooks the harbor of Smygehuk in Sweden.


Along the way, there are checkpoints where the riders have their brevet cards time-stamped at designated places as proof of their mileage. No roadside assistance allowed and cyclists must be self-supported. While the organizers will transport a bag from the start, to the finish, every entrant must carry clothing, food and water on their bikes. Luckily Sweden has many hotels and hostels for shelter along the route so camping is not needed on the journey.

The documentary captures the journey of Rita Jett, Kristian Hallberg and Erik Nohlin as they pursue one of the world’s longest, toughest, and most beautiful randonées. Atop Specialized Sequoias, fully loaded with Burra Burra packs, the team endured 2,177k of Swedish tarmac as they traversed the entire length of Sweden… in 156 hrs.

Watch the trailer:

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Rita Jett

Kristian Hallberg

Erik Nohlin


Specialized Sequoia

Want to host a screening or have any questions about the film contact:  hallo@ertzui.de

Have you ever ridden across a state or country on your bike?


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