Pope Francis, Peter Sagan + Specialized

Last Wednesday, Peter Sagan arrived in Vatican City in Rome for a meeting Pope Francis. The meeting took place after the Pope’s weekly audience in St Peter’s Square and was arranged by Sagan’s bike sponsor Specialized and Volkswagon Italia.

Pope Francis weekly general audience, Vatican City, Rome, Italy - 24 Jan 2018

Peter Sagan with the Specialized bike he presented to Pope Francis
Peter Sagan is a devout Catholic and visit the Pope with his mother, wife Katerina and young son Marlon. Describing the brief exchange he had with the Pope, Sagan told Gazzetta dello Sport, “Pope Francis asked me to pray for him. I replied that I will do it for sure. The Pope prays for each one of us, for the whole world, and that means he needs strength. That strength that comes from the fact that others pray for him.”
“I like Pope Francis, he’s nice. He conveys difficult ideas with simple words. He is an example, an important man for the world. Even those that don’t believe know the Pope and through him, if they want, they can discover God.” -Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan presented Pope Francis with a special world champion’s jersey with Francesco emblazoned across the back, and then showed his the custom Specialized Venge, specially painted in the white and gold of the Vatican flag and with the coat of arms of the Vatican City painted on the down tube.


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