Bath Tub for your Bike

You ride in the rain and winter, your bike is going to get dirty! Why not keep the mess of washing dirty bicycles in one place with this unique design from Bathtubs for Bicycles?

If you live alone, you can get away this putting your bike in the tub or shower, but this bike specific bathtub, will make it simple to clean your bike and can be placed in your garage for quick cleanup after a messy ride!

Some of the key features of the Bathtubs for Bicycle:

  • Patented debris catching system* keeps pebbles, mud, and oversized objects from going down the drain (or being spread about). Just lift out the fine mesh basket and dump the contents.
  • High back-splash keeps spray confined.
  • Bicycles are positioned on a set of elevated grates, allowing dirt and debris to flow through to the tub bottom and be confined in the drain basket. Grates limit splash-back of water and dirt as bikes are being cleaned.
  • Single inlet fixture with fully adjustable flow rate using a ball valve sprayer.
  • Self-coiling polyurethane hose that can be extended to 9 foot length.
  • Choice of right or left-sided drain. Faucet fixture can be mounted on either end.
  • Easily installed.
  • 14-gauge stainless steel, all-welded construction.
  • Adjustable wheel-retaining device keeps all types of bikes upright and stable, including fat-bikes. Bikes can face either direction.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Wow! I’ve never been so thankful to have a hose in my back yard!


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