Fresh from the Homestretch: Recipes from Pro & Elite Athletes

In 2017, Homestretch Foundation opened its doors to provide free housing for female pro cyclists struggling with the gender pay gap. In the first ten months, they assisted 24 athletes from 9 countries in 5 disciplines of professional cycling.

While the athletes stayed at the Homestretch, they noticed something unique: These athletes cooked, prepared and shared incredible meals that fueled their athletic goals, tasted great and were simple to make. Which brought together this collection of recipes!

Fresh from the Homestretch is the first cookbook to compile recipes from world class athletes, and we’re proud to share this culinary collection of easy & delicious recipes for people on the go. Here’s the cherry on top: All proceeds from this cookbook go to Homestretch Foundation, our nonprofit based in Tucson, Arizona.

From our cookbook creators…

“From vegans to omnivores, we learned a lot about what elite/professional athletes consume to perform their best, to have fun cooking and to be part of a community. We’re proud to offer a sneak peek behind the curtain of what serious athletes consume here at the Homestretch Foundation. Hope you enjoy these terrific recipes. ” – Kathryn Bertine, Homestretch Foundation founder & retired pro cyclist

“As a chiropractor and an athlete, I am particularly focused on the human body functioning at its very best… Great nutrition can enhance the training response, decrease recovery time and taste (and look) amazing. Whether or not you’re a pro athlete, we can all learn from the smart and healthy nutrition plans of our Homestretch athletes. I hope you enjoy some of their tried and true recipes.” – Dr. Chris Cox, Chiropractor & Athlete, Life Aligned Wellness Center

“When I first met Kathryn Bertine and pro cyclist Emma Grant, they gave a nutrition lecture and spoke about the Homestretch at Life Aligned Wellness Center. I was encouraged by their dedication in helping female professional athletes have a place to come together and train, as well as share their passion for eating good food from their homelands. As an athlete myself, I’m always struggling to find the proper fuel before, during and after a workout. Fresh from the Homestretch provides the right steps toward my nutrition goals.” – Jennifer Vasko, Creative Director, 26 Point 2 Designs

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