Amanda Coker beats Kurt Searvogel’s Year record!

Back in 2011 while cycling with her father Ricky near their home in North Carolina when they were hit by a distracted driver. Amanda suffered serious brain trauma and he dad broke his back. Amanda’s injuries resulted in her leaving school as well as suffering from anxiety and depression.

It took several years for Amanda to reignite her passion for cycling. In 2015 she decided she would ride across the united states with her dad. Sadly he dad was not able to ride a bike due to his injuries and instead chose to ride along her on a scooter. They did a 3,000 mile cross country ride. Finally Amanda was excited to be back to cycling!

Amanda Coker, 24 years old, traveled the equivalent of nearly four times around the world in order to complete the impressive feat! For the majority of the year, Coker rode her bike along a seven-mile loop around Flatwoods Park, Tampa, Florida.

Averaging more than 236 miles per day, Amanda Coker not only broke but smashed the record for the most miles ridden on a bicycle in one year, covering over 86,000 miles! This beat the previous record by more than 10,000 miles.

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