Alison Cohen – Bicycle Transit Systems

Alison Cohen is re-inventing the 
way people move in some of our largest cities by making bikes more accessible. Her company, Bicycle Transit Systems, which in 2017 formed a strategic alliance with Trek Bicycle’s bike share company and is responsible for bike share systems in some of the nation’s largest, and traditionally most bike-unfriendly cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and her home town of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s Indego bike share is headquartered in a renovated automotive repair shop. It has the bustling energy of a recently funded start-up. The garage is an appropriate location for the 36 employees working toward a trans-formative transportation effort, and the minimalist interior, where no one has an assigned desk, is a statement about Bike Transit’s values and their focus on the larger mission.

Working with the City of Philadelphia, Bike Transit, with Alison’s leadership, made a change, prioritizing underserved neighborhoods that would actually benefit from bike share, and implementing a simple cash payment system for unlimited monthly use of the bikes, which riders could purchase at convenience stores.

“Bike share should serve all people equally,” she says. Because more people who need the bikes now have access to them, Bike Transit has created the most equitable and accessible bike share system in the nation in Indego. That’s a win for everyone, and also an indicator of what’s to come.

If you have access to a bike share system, make it a part of your daily routine. If you don’t, contact your city officials and ask for one!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Um, yeah… I’ll stick to my own bikes, thank you. Riding one of those clunky, ugly things wouldn’t be as… erm… fun.


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