El Diablo of Cycling

El Diablo is a fixture on the international cycling scene. Inspired by the “red kite”, or “flamme rouge” in French, a triangle-shaped piece of red cloth announcing 1,000 meters to go to the finishing line, Didi chose the devil’s costume for accompanying the racing cyclists on their last “tantalizing” meters of a cycle race.


Didis Unsurpassed Exhibition:

Visitors can marvel at over 120 bike curiosities at the exhibition of the bike designer and grandmaster Didi Senft at:

Lebbiner Straße 2
15859 Storkow (Mark)


Guinness record for worlds largest rideable bike!

Opening hours from May to October, during the peak season daily from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Among other things, you can marvel at:

  • Didi’s Guinness records
  • Bikes on which celebrities from sports, show, and politics took a ride
  • The wackiest bike in the world!!! To handle it, you must backpedal, each pedal at different revolutions. If you want to turn left you have to turn the handlebars to the right. To make things even worse, the saddle is turning.
  • The world’s largest trike and largest pedicab
  • Historical documents, newspaper reports, and souvenirs from the Tour de France and other professional cycling races, World Championships, and Olympic Games.

To learn more about Didi “El Diablo” Senft visit: 


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