Nairo attempts Giro & Tour double

Winning the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France in one season is something that has not happened since 1998. In modern cycling this is seen as an impossible dream. Experts comment on how the attempt may affect Nairo Quintana.

The Giro starts on May 5 in Sardinia and ends on May 28 in Milan. The Tour de France begins 34 days later on July 1.
“Physiology says that you can have two peaks in one year, but it’s not possible in the Giro/Tour time frame, maybe between the Giro and the Vuelta [a España].
Or you just have one peak of 100 per cent over that three-month period. If Quintana wants to race the Giro and the Tour, maybe he shouldn’t be at 100 per cent for the Giro so that he can do so at the Tour.

Last year, going for the double would’ve been ideal because the Giro became harder near the end so that you could have good form towards the end of the Giro and take it all the way to the Tour.

“I don’t want to say nothing’s impossible, but given how the races are designed. The Giro is difficult with the two islands to start off with, demanding roads… It’s not easy.

You can have two peaks. But when you have a peak and win the Giro, it leaves a mark on you. Yes, OK you won, but it takes something away from that second peak. That’s how I see it, but nothing’s impossible.” said BMC Racing’s Max Sciandri


“We need to see if Nairo can peak twice. That’s what we are going to try to do, but let’s see what happens. Normally, yes because we’ve done it with the Tour and Vuelta. He’ll come to the Giro in good shape. 100 per cent? Well, given the roads and stages, he can’t not come in 100 per cent because if he drops his guard the race will slip away from him.” said Movistar general manager Eusebio Unzué

Will Nairo Quintana win both the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France this year?


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