The Japanese Odyssey

The Japanese Odyssey is an epic 2,400 km endurance bicycle journey across central Japan.

The event has a fourteen-day time limit which is imposed by the organizers of The Japanese Odyssey, this endurance ride starts in Tokyo and ends in Osaka. In between, participants cross ten mountain passes and cut through the heart of the Japanese Alps.

The Japanese Odyssey 2015

Shiretoko, Japan

The Japanese Odyssey is a free-form adventure of a ride in Japan that sees challengers attempt to cover 2,400km (1,491 miles) in 14 days, conquering 11 mandatory climbs along the way.


Norikura bridge, Japan

Beyond tackling those 11 climbs, riders are free to design their own route as they make their way from Tokyo to Osaka.

While the 2 major cities are only about a few hundred kilometres apart, the imposed detours will take the entrants into remote and mountainous regions. They will go through places of cultural significance to Japanese people. And will experience the magic of the “rural” Japan. They will zig-zag all over the road on steep climbs. They will ride through big cities that may be an assault on their senses, and may possibly lose their way in those densely populated and futuristic downtown areas.

You will have to go within 14 days through mandatory mountain passes and check points till the finish line in Osaka.

When, where and how long to stop off, that decision is entirely up to you. Apart from the mandatory check points nothing is imposed. Speed along highways or venture off the beaten track, the choice is yours.

The Japanese Odyssey is a long distance unsupported cycle adventure. We want to ensure equal opportunity for all riders, either local or non-javanese. This means that private assistance or pre-arranged support are prohibited. You may eat – sleep – and service your bike at places also available to the other riders or at commercial shops.

The Japanese Odyssey is a demanding adventure. And yet, it is not a competitive event. We definitely don’t see it as a race. Some riders will try to reach Osaka as fast as possible. Others will ride for the sheer pleasure of making it to the finish line. There won’t be any ranking, nor official finishing times. Successful riders will be those who accomplish the course within the 14 days.

Are you prepared to venture into our new odyssey?

The event starts on September 17, 2016.

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    Oooh, that looks enticing!

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    1. Looks amazing and a great way to see the country!

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