JO Coffee

Jo Coffee is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of AmericaRainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and Slow Food USA. Their SingleCup Jo for K-Cup brewers was the first certified organic, NON-GMO, eco friendly single serve. Jo Coffee is produced in Waconia, Minnesota. The Jo Coffee brand was started, with humble expectations, to serve the growing demand for coffee lovers shopping on Amazon. 

Founder Kevin Kapaun’s passion for coffee excellence had roots in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in the early 1980’s. Tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, his vision was created to import exclusive coffee beans from around the world. Kevin’s hobby of importing and roasting coffee in the late 1990’s for friends and family was headed for something bigger. Kevin shared some pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee he roasted with his friend Larry Graham, (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame bass player for Sly & the Family Stone) who then encouraged Kevin to start a coffee roastery. He was his first customer and the rest is history, as they say.


Jo Coffee purchases only from the top 2% of all Arabica raw coffee worldwide through direct sourcing and through the dedicated team of cupping experts from Cafe Imports and Royal Coffee New York.

Have a look at the variety of coffee offered by Jo Coffee.


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