World’s longest elevated bike path

Xiamen, China is a tourist-friendly city with beaches, public gardens and impressive architecture. Featuring mild weather and a relatively small population (just under 2 million) compared to other major Chinese cities.

In the 1990’s motorcycles and mopeds were outlawed in the city. Maybe this explains why cycling is a favored mode of transportation for decades.

China’s first elevated bike path is nearly five-mile long and open only to bike commuters making it the longest suspended bike path in the world.

The Xiamen bike highway links all of the city’s major residential and business districts with 11 designated exit/on ramps. Along the route, bike commuters have direct access to 11 bus stations and two subway stops, making it fully possible to get around almost the entire  city without stepping foot inside a taxi or private car.

For now at least, Xiamen boasts the world’s longest aerial bike path. Who will create a longer elevated bike path next? Will it be London, Chicago, New York City?

Great idea, hope more cities will adopt the idea of elevated bike only roads.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Now that looks like FUN! Alas, I wonder what the speed limit is.

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    1. Not sure, but such a great idea.

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