New aero wheels from 2-Spoke

Dutch company 2-Spoke recently unveiled their two spoke carbon wheels. They claim that their wheels are the fastest wheels available and that they  generate speed in crosswinds.

2-Spoke claims that the M5 Two Spoke has “the lowest air resistance of all existing wheels compared to 12 or 16 steel bladed spokes or 3, 4, 5, or 6 carbon bladed wheels and even disc wheels.”

In independent testing, the 2-Spoke M5 was also shown to be the best performing in a series of crosswind “ramp time” tests — the measurement of how long it takes for a wheel to slow down from a starting speed to a determined minimum speed, e.g. 56km/h to 26km/h, in a 90-degree crosswind.

“thanks to the wing shape of the two aerofoil spokes… the 2-SPOKE wheel was in the tests also the only wheel which generates speed.” said Owner and designer, Bram Moens.


  • M5 Two Spoke: the new standard for time trial and triathlon
  • Used even by Dutch Olympic Tandem Teams in RIO 2016 ( 1 x silver, 1 x bronze) proved their unique lateral and radial stiffness!


The wheels are available for either clincher or tubular tires and track or road use. The clincher wheels are also available with a disc-brake compatible hub. Our clincher rim brake wheels weighed in at 1,018g for the front and 1,088g for the rear.

You can order the wheels direct from 2-Spoke and they are priced at $1,256 USD for the front wheel and $1,344 USD for the rear wheel.

Learn more here:

While certainly not UCI approved, would you try these wheels on a training ride or triathlon?



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  1. bgddyjim says:

    They’re definitely cool but WAY too heavy. Knock a pound off of the total weight and we can talk.

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  2. Over a kilo for a front wheel?

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  3. Always a question between aero advantage and super low weight.


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