CeramicSpeed UFO Chain

Thanks to the extremely low friction, CeramicSpeed UFO Chains will help you save watts on race day. Their ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.

The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains are now delivered with new improved formula for cyclists who want to save between 2-5 watts on competition day.

The CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are developed for unmatched racing performance and are intended for race-day applications. The new racing chains will now last 600 km / 370 miles before significant efficiency losses, and potentially even longer under clean riding conditions. The latest frictional tests show that compared to the earlier version of the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain, the new formula shaves off up to 15% more of the chain friction.

Every UFO Racing Chain product package is completed with a small bottle of Squirt lube for maintenance. CeramicSpeed has selected Squirt as the recommended lube thanks to its unique abilities to extend the chain lifetime and due to its extremely low friction.

Note that the huge watts saving of 2-5 watts is achieved within a minimum of 600 km/370 miles interval and decrease slightly after the UFO treatment wears off.

UFO chains are perfect for gaining an edge on race day.

CeramicSpeed UFO Chain for Shimano, SRAM, and Campy 11-Speed | Buy-Now

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