Glow in the Dark Bike Lanes

Texas A&M has created the first glow in the dark bike lane in the United States.

The florescent green bike lane at a busy intersection on the Texas A&M campus soaks up the sun during the day. At night it starts to glow thanks to a photoluminescent mineral in the paint, lighting the path for cyclists and pedestrians. The university sees its campus as living labs, and wanted to test both ideas at the intersection of Ross and Bizzell that is particularly busy.


At night, the green path gently glows. “It’s not an in-your-face blinding light. It’s supposed to be softly luminescent. It’s a glow, as opposed to a vibrant display of color.” said Robert Brydia, senior research scientist at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Texas A&M was the first to get Federal Highway Administration approval for the coating, and they’re hoping that it will become more widely adopted across the country.

Could this be the future of bikes lanes nationwide?

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