Bkool Smart Pro + Simulator

After spending time riding the Bkool Smart Pro trainer recently, we believe this is the best trainer at the $599 price point. Far more economical than the top tier smart trainers like the Wahoo KICKR and Tacx NEO.

Craig Harrison, Bkool U.S. brand manager, was on hand to explain all the features of the Bkool Smart Pro trainer and the simulator feature of the trainer. We were able to sample a few of the over one million real world courses available and told that Bkool is adding 10 thousand new courses each month. While they do have live video of many real world locations and climbs, we found the 3D views to be more compelling and impressed by the dynamic camera and real world conditions.

“BKOOL’s capabilities are incredibly robust. There are so many possibilities with BKOOL beyond just off-season training. Time trialists, hill climb specialists and triathletes wanting to pre-ride a far away course, for example. Or coaches who need to be able to track their clients’ progress on a daily basis. BKOOL even has online racing leagues.” said Craig Harrison.

You can even upload your rides from Strava and see a 3D model of the ride and if there is a headwind fight that as well. The Bkool Smart Pro trainer adjusts resistance based on what is happening in the virtual course.

While the Bkool virtual trainer software is excellent, you can use the Bkool Smart Pro trainer with other third party online training platforms such as Zwift thanks to ANT+ FE-C compatibility. You can also control the Bkool Smart Pro trainer from a Garmin Edge 520, 820 or 1000.

Unlike a lot of trainers where your rear wheel remains on your bike, the bike’s rear wheel isn’t clamped against the roller. The rear axle is clamped in a swing-arm and your weight pushes it down against the roller. We find that this gives the ride a more natural feel. The Bkool can handle wheel diameters from 20 to 29 inches and standard road dropout spacing or disc-brake bikes.

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