Beeline Navigation For Bicycles

Beeline is a smart compass for your bike. Beeline strips navigation back to basics by simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance until you arrive.

Beeline is built for everyday adventuring. You will be guided to your destination without having to take a predetermined route. Beeline’s compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Its flexible silicone strap allows the device to attach quickly and easily to the handlebars or stem of any bike.


Beeline began as a Kickstarter project back in 2015. Successfully funded and is now shipping worldwide. Featuring smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn direction in a small circular display that mounts right to your handlebar. When not cycling you can store it on your keychain and use it for walking adventures as well.


Inside the Beeline is an accelerometer and gyroscope that works in tandem with your phone’s GPS radio to provide directions to your location. You will begin your trip by setting a destination within the free iOS and Android app, from there, simply follow the directions on the Beeline display. For simplicity Beeline only communicates with arrows and distance remaining to the next turn. Beeline is a minimalistic alternative to traditional bike computers and their multiple data fields.

Beeline is currently available for purchase direct from the manufacturer for $119.

Looking to work for the group at Beeline?

Their home is in the Biscuit Factory in the Bermondsey neighborhood of London. They are always interested to hear from great people who would be keen to work with them in some way – get in touch at:


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