Torch T2 Bike Helmet

The Torch T2 Bike Helmet is the latest in cycling technology for urban commuters. It has 10 integrated LED lights with two rechargeable batteries offering up to 36 hours of continued use in a weather resistant design for safe riding in any type of weather, day or night.

The lights on the helmet are meant to make the rider visible to motorists and are not bright enough to light up the road. The front and rear lights are visible from all angles and large enough to draw attention to the rider in order to prevent collisions with motorists. The lights are bright enough to light reflective signs, a map or when changing a flat tire in the dark.

The Torch T2 Bike Helmet lights project onto shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses which make the white front and red rear lights visible from 360 degrees. This allows the rider to be visible to motorists from all angles and because the lights are higher than traditional bike lights, the rider is also visible over other objects on the road.

Hopefully more companies will start integrating front and rear LED lights into the commuter versions of their helmets and in all children helmets to increase visibility of the cyclist on the road!

Torch T2 Bike Helmet $149.99

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