Lavassa Coffee

Luigi Lavazza was a man filled with entrepreneurial spirit, inventive and passion for his work. He  researched the different origins and characteristics of the coffee plant, and studied the art of blending to meet the tastes of customers, creating the blends.

He travelled to Brazil to become even more aware of coffee’s full potential. The Lavazza coffee we drink today is the result of his idea: combining coffees from different parts of the world. These coffees are harvested, processed, mixed and roasted to create many different and balanced blends, and satisfy the taste of every one of us.

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. was formed in 1927, headquartered in Corso Giulio Cesare 65 in Torino, Italy. Luigi Lavazza, his wife Emilia and children Maria, Mario and Giuseppe, known as Beppe, were all present. They set up the Luigi Lavazza company, with share capital of 1,500,000 lire. Lavazza current global headquarter is at Novara, 59 10154 Torino, Italy.

Notably, two of the five founders were women, Emilia and Maria Lavassa!

More recently Lavassa made the first expresso machine for the International Space Station, in collaboration with Argotec and the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Now astronauts can also enjoy Lavassa expresso while orbiting the earth.

We enjoy Lavassa coffee before cycling and at cafe’s mid ride to boost energy for the ride home! Hope you will give Lavassa a try as well.

If you make it to a Lavassa Cafe we highly recommend ordering the Bicerin. A traditional hot drink native to Torino, made with layers of espresso, Italian drinking chocolate and a crown of heavy cream.

Discover all the Cafe’s and restaurants that server Lavassa around the world.

Order some for home: Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

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