Moscow Winter Bike Parade!

January 8 marked the the second winter bike parade in Moscow, Russia in support of the development of cycling infrastructure and road safety. Although an orange danger level was announced in the capital due to heavy frosts, the organizers decided to hold the ride, which gathered over 500 participants! Sunday afternoon the temperature was -27 celsius (-16F). 


russia 2.jpeg

At the start and finish of the bike parade emergency medical staff was ready to provide assistance. Thankfully no bike rider required medical assistance after the ride.

The route went along the embankments of the Moscow River from the Kremlin and back. The average speed of the participants was 14-15 km / h. Around 12:00 p.m. more than 500 brave souls completed the ride.

The Moscow Bike Parade is not a race, but does show the sports strength. The purpose of the event is to show that regardless of the weather conditions in Moscow it is possible to safely ride by bike for transportation and the aid in the creation of advanced cycling infrastructure.  Winter bike parade is a project to develop the cycling culture in Moscow and Let’s bike it! It is supported by the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Nice job! -27 is way too cold for me!


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