Cycling Lights We Recommend

With the daylight shorter in the winter months, riding at night can be terrifying. Front and rear lights you will let ride with confidence and safely while being able to see the road ahead of you and knowing that motorists are able to see you.

The most important aspect of bike lighting is being seen by and communicating with other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The front white light indicates the front of your bike to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The rear red light indicate the back of your bike and some lights have an built in accelerometer to make the light brighter when stopping or a braking.

Light are essential if you plan on cycling in the early morning or at night. We also recommend a rear red flashing light during daylight hours.

Here are the lights that we highly recommend:

Front Lights

1. Oculus by Barry Beams $149.95


We consider this the best front light available on the market. The Oculus is great for cycling, camping, police, earthquakes, everywhere you need light. Patented optics give superior brightness without blinding glare.

  • 1500 precisely aimed lumens. Brightest light in class.
  • No blinding center spot or irritating glare.
  • 5 brightnesses; 6 blink patterns. Easy, quick release, unbreakable mounting.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, comes complete with extra battery included.
  • Weighs under 200 grams, including the battery.

The oculus increases visibility so well that NASA is using it on their mission to find water on the dark side of the moon. Police say you “see the bad guy in the corner”. No other bike light and flashlight beams as far, as bright, as evenly, as the Oculus light. Its so penetrating and bright, that it lights up the far end of a football field, evenly, side to side from corner to corner across the whole end zone, while standing at the opposing goal posts. With this light you will see every bit of the road and you will be seen. 

2. CygoLite Dash Pro 450 $43.95


The CygoLite Dash Pro 450 is a sleek, versatile USB rechargeable headlight with 450 lumens of light through an enhanced cycling optic that covers a wide spread. Side illumination ports also highlight your presence to nearby motorists.

  • Steady pulse mode: alert motorists with pulses while lighting the path at night, daylighting mode: lightning-like flashes demand attention in daylight
  • 7 lighting modes: night: high > medium > low > steady pulse day: quad LED steady > quad LED flashing > daylighting ; lasts up to 70 hours
  • Extra compact (95 g) , water resistant, and USB Rechargeable

Rear Lights

1.  CygoLite Hotrod 50 $31.93


Buy this light and thank us later. The Hotrod 50 unleashes a powerful 50 lumens of flashing output for unprecedented night and day cycling safety. Its cluster mounted array of LEDs work in unison for an extra wide and powerful output, maximizing your presence on the roads.

  • Steady pulse mode: alert motorists with pulses while lighting the path at night
  • 6 lighting modes: high flash > high steady > group > Zoom > steady pulse > low flash; lasts up to 100 hours on a single Charge
  • Extra compact (29 g) , water resistant, and USB Rechargeable

2. FABRIC FL30 $39.99


The Fabric FLR 30 makes clever use of an accelerometer to increase brightness as speed falls. This results in a dual-purpose light that alerts traffic when you intend to slow down or stop. Compact, reliable & USB rechargeable. 30 lumens.

3. Sigma Brake Light $10.95

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.27.13 PM.png

The Sigma Brake Light easily clips onto your brake cable with 2.5mm hex wrench nothing to remove, simply tap your brakes and the light turns on. Battery lasts more than 100,000 braking procedures. Waterproof 6g

Combo Pack

Malker Front and Rear Silicone LED Bike Light Set $10.99

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.33.11 PM.png

Do you currently use lights on your bike, if yes, which ones are you using?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. bgddyjim says:

    I’ve got a Serfas Thunderbolt, in fact all of my friends choose that blinkie. It’s a lot like the Hotrod. Cops say they can see that blinkie from more than a mile away.


  2. Being seen is so important!


  3. Barry Burr says:

    Its humbling to see my Oculus selected as the best front light on the market, given the intense competition from the 800 pound gorillas in the bike light industry.
    Here’s a quick update:
    Oculus is now the Oculus 1800, better and brighter, with automatic temperature control, an updated switch that’s rated for 1 million clicks, and flexible user programmable options.
    I thank Category Cafe for evaluating the Oculus on equal standing with lights from big companies who would prefer not to see the disruptive innovation in both safety and usability that Oculus brings to market

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your new Oculus 3000 looks very impressive, do you any images of the light on a bike? if so, please send via email.


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