The Cyclist’s Bucket List Book

The vertigo-inducing view of the Pacific Ocean from the 10,000-foot summit of Hawaii‘s Haleakala volcanic crater (a 5-plus-hour climb). Riding up the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy. Riding in the Netherlands where 60 percent of urban trips occur by bike. In the book the Cyclist’s Bucket List, A Celebration of 75 Quintessential Cycling Experiences you will find many inspiring rides across the world.  Here are a few unforgettable bike rides from the book.


The beauty of the world’s bike commuting epicenter—where 60 percent of urban trips occur by bike, on separated pathways with cycling-specific traffic signals—is that most Dutch don’t cycle specifically to lose weight or make an environmental statement. They ride because cycling is the city’s quickest, most convenient, and safest form of transportation. They ride because it’s just…normal. Here, bikes rule.


The dark volcanic rock rises from the surrounding green slopes in towering spires and sheer cliffs, forming a 30.5-kilometer ridge down the center of the Trotternish peninsula on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The rock formations on this rustic isle have long inspired Gaelic legend and have also drawn cyclists from across the United Kingdom and around the world.

An 80-kilometer loop starting in the town of Portree runs along the edge of the peninsula, through rolling farm fields, and between the shore of the Atlantic and the looming ridgeline. You’ll first encounter the Old Man of Storr, a knifelike outcrop that rises more than 600 meters above the nearby sea. Local folklore tells of a giant who sank into the earth here, leaving only his thumb pointing toward the sky. More likely, lava, battered by thousands of years of wind, rain, and erosion, formed the Storr.


Close your eyes now, and imagine a paradise for cyclists. Envision an island surrounded by jewel-colored waters, with terrain that varies from soaring stone mountains to rolling hills and agricultural plains. Listen to the soft hum of your tires on silk-smooth roads ascending cliffsides in enticing loops at ever-gentle gradients and back roads that are half a lane wide and pass through groves of ancient olive trees. Feel the warm sunshine against your skin, breath in the salty coastal breezes. Know, here and now, that such a place exists, and it is named Majorca.

The Cyclist’s Bucket List catalogs both the iconic and little known-the accessible and aspirational-sensory and emotional experiences that instill cyclists with a deep passion for the sport.

In this book, Ian Dille compiles and showcases the world’s quintessential cycling experiences through extensive research and interviews with expert sources, vivid storytelling, stunning photography, and compelling design. The format includes lengthy in-depth descriptions as well as much shorter, easy to consume write-ups, ranging from locations such as Italy and Belgium to Nova Scotia and Colorado.

The Cyclist’s Bucket List: A Celebration of 75 Quintessential Cycling Experiences

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