UPS adds e-bikes to the fleet

United Parcel Service (UPS) recently launched their first e-bike delivery program in the United States in November of 2016. Continuing their sustainability efforts, the company chose Portland, Oregon to host their environmentally friendly e-bike program. UPS is testing  the service and may introduce e-bike delivery in more cities in 2017.

UPS currently had more than 5,000 alternative fuel vehicles on the road. UPS has been exploring the economic viability and environmental benefits of electrical-powered cargo bikes for package pickup and delivery. In addition to Portland, UPS is running a pilot test in downtown Basel, Switzerland. The city, packed with 13th-century architecture and narrow streets, is an ideal testing ground for the new three-wheeled delivery vehicle.

These two test cities are not the first time UPS has put its delivery innovations on European streets. Electric-aided cargo bikes are already used in Hamburg, Germany.

The battery-supported tricycles used in Basel and Portland can carry loads weighing more than 325 pounds. Thanks to its compact design and width of just 40 inches, the bike makes sense for urban use.

“By using cargo bikes in a targeted manner, UPS aims to reduce inner-city congestion, noise and emissions. This form of urban delivery also offers a distinct advantage to UPS itself, as it reduces the time spent on searching for a suitable parking position, saving valuable time.” says Philip Healey, marketing manager for UPS Switzerland.

Photo at top of page – David Abney, UPS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

For more information on UPS’s sustainability efforts, visit To see how UPS is progressing to meet ambitious sustainability goals, click here.

What do you think of this new program by United Parcel Service?

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  1. Why do I get the feeling that dude would never get on a bike himself?


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