Kajsa Tyler Smashes World Record

Kajsa Tylen from Nottingham, England broke Billie Fleming’s 1938 record of 29,604 miles (47,642 km) on 24 November, but continued cycling until the end of the year.

The women’s record for Furthest Distance Cycled in a Year was set 77 years ago; on January 1, 1938, a British lady named Billie Fleming set out to ride as far as she could in a year, in order to promote and inspire a healthy lifestyle for women. She rode every day, on a 3-speed road bike, and achieved an astounding 29,603 miles, often finishing the day giving a talk on the health benefits of cycling. http://www.billiefleming.com

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.42.14 AM.png

For the year of 2016, Kajsa rode 32,327 miles (52,025 km) setting a new world record!

She has cycled every day since 1 January riding across England and France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. She road a Specialized Ruby Comp 2015

She says she took on the challenge to inspire people to do more exercise.

“I set out on New Year’s Day with the objective to achieve ‘a year in the saddle’ and set a new Guinness World Record and am delighted to have done so. I can now truly claim the title of ‘one woman, one year, one world record.” said Kajsa Tyler.


“Well, I’ve reached my goal; so what now?!

One thing is for sure – there’ll be a lot of sleeping! I’ll also be catching up with friends and family, and starting rehabilitation. After all, I’ve only been cycling this year; nothing else! The plan is to get walking the dog, and then starting the Couch to 5K running plan. I’ll also be taking yoga classes and doing strength training. And maybe at some point I’ll get back on the bike.” said Kajsa Tyler.




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