Diamondback Andean Aero future?

The Diamondback Andean will be available in 2017 and was built for specifically for triathletes. Diamondback decided to throw out UCI regulations out the window when they came up with this radical new design. The Andean Project had one goal: to produce the best triathlon bike. The project was a collaboration between Diamondback and KQ Studios.

The Andean was designed with Dr. Philippe Lavoie and his team from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS).


Being aerodynamically efficient is the heart of Andean and is reflected in its integrated design. This bike was designed as one large airfoil that begins with the front wheel, transitions over the bottom bracket and exits off the rear wheel. Air flow across the entire system is improved, dramatically reducing drag at every yaw angle.

diamondback-andean-testingTest data from the Diamondback Andean wind tunnel testing.

The blue line represents the performance of the new Diamondback Andean with identical components. In this test, the Andean is 10% faster at zero degrees and has 32% less drag at -15 degrees. The red line depicts the performance of the Andean at its fastest configuration with a HED Jet Disc rear wheel and all of its storage accessories.

Diamondback claims the Andean is the most aerodynamic triathlon bike ever made!

We will find out in 2017 if triathletes flock to this new bike and how much of an advantage it proves to be on the road. The  Diamondback Andean price range is from $4,779.99 and go up to $8,069.99 depending on options.

What do you think of this radical new design?

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  1. essiep says:

    It doesn’t appeal to my eye. There must be a point where aerodynamic gains no longer come. When skin-drag overtakes form-drag. That’s why aeroplanes have a relatively blunt nose shape.
    Also, since my deep-rim wheels are a pain in side winds, I can’t imagine this being easy on a windy day.

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    I think it’s freakin’ awesome. Loved it sine the first time I saw it. Interested to see some reviews.


    1. Zipp’s new 454 wheels supposedly take care of the cross wind issue.

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  3. essiep says:

    Should be excellent on the track.

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