Calgary Cycle-track Network Approved

Monday’s decision, the CBC reports, hinged on whether or not the project would deliver what it promised: an increase in downtown riders.

After a vote at Calgary’s city council, the network of cycling infrastructure in Calgary’s downtown core and the Beltline area, introduced 18 months ago as a pilot project, is officially here to stay!


Since its inception, the cycle-track network has certainly seen residents claiming everything from disruption to traffic flow to issues with infrastructure as reasons not to support the project. Still, mayor Naheed Nenshi told CBC none of that complaints were enough to sink the project and the mayor went so far as to call the concerns “false.”


825 of 850 emails received by his office were supportive, Nenshi added, “People kept saying this is controversial, but it’s controversial in the way secondary suites are controversial, which is controversial around the council table.” In other words, the reception on the ground—from active riders—was very different, and very encouraging. Coming in at $5.5 million—$1.65 million below what was expected by council.

With the cycle-track becoming a success in Calgary, should other cities consider a similar cycle-track network?

Day Trips from Calgary (Best of Alberta)

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