Foldable Paper Cycling Helmet wins Award!

Though Bike-share stations are becoming more popular around the world almost no one who rents a bike for an hour or the day wears a helmet. Isis Shiffer, a recent graduate from the Pratt Institute of Design in New York City, set out to address this problem. Her solution: EcoHelmet, a folding, recyclable helmet for bike share users.


Isis Shiffer made the EcoHelmet from layers of recycled paper woven into a honeycomb-shaped structure. The EcoHelmet is a recyclable and collapsible helmet that could one day be at bike-share stations in cities across the world.


The EcoHelmet was this year’s winner of the James Dyson Award. As international winner of the James Dyson Award 2016, Isis will be awarded $45,000 to further develop her invention.

To test the EcoHelmet, Isis took it to a crash lab at Imperial College London, where it passed the European safety standards. The helmet passed testing and is a viable concept and worth developing.

Isis is hoping to sell the EcoHelmet for $5 dollars, making it an affordable solution for people using bike-share stations.


“EcoHelmet solves an obvious problem in an incredibly elegant way. But its simplicity belies an impressive amount of research and development. I look forward to seeing EcoHelmets used in bike shares across the world.” said James Dyson.

Watch this video of Isis Shiffer talking about her innovative helmet.

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