Seattle’s bike lanes shaped by Strava

Strava is quickly becoming a valuable data source for city planners eager to demonstrate the impact of new and improved paths and bike lanes. The company even created a spin-off—Strava Metro—dedicated to mining users’ movement data for the benefit of planners and alternative transit advocates.


Click here to see an interactive Strava heat map of Seattle.

Currently, Strava Metro is working with more than 85 cities and planning groups all over the world to use the power of their GPS cycling and running data for smarter urban planning. In Seattle, Strava’s heat maps helped design route changes that spurred an additional 14,000 cyclists to take to the city’s bike lanes.

Strava allows city planners to get a better picture of cyclist and pedestrian behavior.

While Strava’s primary goal is to help riders and runners measure their progress and record their routes and encourage athletes. Strava claims to have over 7 million uploads each week, with an ever-expanding user base.

Want to track your rides or runs? Visit the Strava website to learn more or download the app for your iPhone or Android powered phone. Every bike ride or run can potentially improve transportation infrastructure in your city in the future.

Strava is also integrated with Garmin cycling computers and running devices.

Get moving to help build a better future!

To learn more about Strava

See your local Strava heat map

Learn more about Strava Metro


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