Nairo Quintana Sueño Amarillo

Nairo Quintana is known as the best climber in the world and is always in contention to win any race he enters. He is the pride of Colombia and his dream of winning the Tour De France remains is goal and the dream of everyone in Colombia!

Nairo Quintana did not get his first bike until he was 15 years old. The bike was how he got to school to save money on bus fare. Quintana would ride the 18-mile round trip to school every day. His first bike was a $30 dollar used mountain bike.


He grew up in Boyacá, which is mostly within the Andean Cordillera Oriental mountain range at high elevation. Perhaps that is where he learned to climb so well!

What was done to saving money on bus fare turned into an amazing career. He quickly became a fan of cycling and would push himself when he would see amateur cycling teams training and often he would keep up with them or ride ahead of them. He would imagine that he was in a race and always tried to win.

Eventually he joined his  first team, but his family could not afford to pay his race fees. His father was able to convince the race organizers that the fees would be paid after he won the race. This plan worked well and allowed Nairo to enter many races and win!

Four years after getting his first bicycle, Quintana signed his first professional contract in 2009 when he joined Boyaca Es Para Vivirla, the local team sponsored by the Boyaca government.

One year later Quintana won the Tour de L’Avenir in France and was hailed by President Juan Manuel Santos as a national hero. After this win he was signed by Team Movistar and rides a Canyon road bike.

Quintana best career results are winning the 2014 Giro d’Italia and 2016 Vuelta a España, as well as a 2nd place overall in the Tour de France of 2013 and 2015.

Nairo Quintana is the best cyclist in Colombian history. We expect Nairo to have and great season in 2017 and to be the first Colombian to ever win the Tour De France and make the Sueño Amarillo reality!

Nairo Quintana will race the Giro d’Italia before making another run at the Tour de France in 2017, according to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

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