Motivation to Eat Healthier

Winter is here and our bodies tend to crave more calories in the colder months. If you are staying consistent with your indoor cycling or brave enough to weather the snow and chilly temperatures you still need to watch what you eat.

Here are some excellent health documentaries on Netflix to motivate you to eat healthier. After all you will never outrun a hamburger! We recommend that 90% of what you eat should be healthy and nutritious calories, 10% can be foods you crave such as chocolate.

Here are the Top 3 health documentaries on Netflix:

Fork Over Knives | Buy the video, cookbook

Forks Over Knives encourages a plant-based diet free of processed foods and shows scientific proof that a plant-based diets work best for our bodies.

Hungry For Change | Buy the video

Hungry For Change will change the way you look at food and the food like processed products you eat. Filled with expert advice and first-person testimonials, this film uncovers the lies food companies are feeding you!

Food Inc. | Buy the video

Food Inc. will open your eyes and make you think about where you buy your food. This documentary reveals terrifying truth about ‘corporate-controlled’ food sources, the use of growth hormones, and the realities of animal abuse.


Have you seen any inspirational food documentaries that have kickstarted  your path to healthier eating? If so please comment below. Abs are made in the kitchen!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I can’t outrun a hamburger…. but I can out ride them. 😆

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    1. Not sure about that… maybe with enough effort. 😉 We are all training for better fitness, sometimes people forget that what they eat is just as important.

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        It’s all about the effort! I always advocate a healthy balanced diet.

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      2. I have often seen people who run, ride or engage in other sports for fitness and they reach a plateau where they are not able to get more fit. I ask them what they eat and that tends to be the key they were all missing.

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  2. I’ve a nutrition documentary fanatic!!! I’ve seen all of these, and loved them all. Have you seen That Sugar Film? That’s my favourite I think… along with Fed Up


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