Latvian Cyclists Show How Much Space Bikes Save.


A group of Latvian cyclists who are part of the let’s bike it community staged a creative protest, showing how cars with single occupants take up way too much space. This cycling protest took place before  International No Car Day, which takes place in many countries on September 22nd. The streets of the city of Riga in Latvia had several bright colored skeleton car frames attached to cyclists to show space taken by cars. The goal was to show why biking is better for the environment and takes far less space on road than automobiles.

Bicycles can reduce traffic congestion by saving space, and they help the environment by reducing traffic emissions and producing none. Cycling is a great form of exercise for workers and students who might otherwise sit at their desk all day.

I would love to see this happen in more cities around the world!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Oops, hold on sparky… we cyclists have emissions. Not on the level of a vehicle but you can’t say we are zero emission. Our respiration is increased when we cycle, and we also require more food depending on the length of the ride.


  2. Certainly we need fuel for the ride and we do consume oxygen. However do cyclists have negative effect on the environment?


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