Zwift virtual indoor training

Join Zwift the world’s largest virtual cycling community. Riders from over 150 countries are online at different parts of the day based on time zones, so you can always find someone to ride with. If your cycling friends are on Zwift you can set a time to ride and compete against them on virtual courses as well. A great place to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. You can even join group ride to stay motivated and challenge yourself. There are virtual group rides for cyclists of all abilities.

Zwift can also track real word data including Power, Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate etc. Zwift is compatible with Strava so all of your virtual rides can “count” and be uploaded to your Strava account. Get credit for ride stats including miles ridden, elevation, time, and virtual segments. You can even win sprint, King of the Mountain, and fastest lap jerseys in the game, which will add extra motivation to your indoor rides. Your rides also unlock virtual items, from well known brands in the world of cycling.

Zwift is compatible with all home trainers. All you will need is a speed/cadence sensor on your bike, which will talk to a ANT+ USB stick inserted into a PC or Mac. Zwift recently launched apps for iPhone and iPad as well, you will need a Wahoo blue c speed and cadence sensor. Zwift will calculate your speed and power based on data, from on your speed sensor & rider w eight.

While any trainer or rollers can be used with Zwift we highly recommend purchasing a smart trainer that will automatically adjust resistance based on the virtual course. Smart trainers broadcast power (watts) to Zwift and automatically vary resistance to match changing terrain and conditions. Some even vibrate to simulate ‘road feel’. This real time feedback loop provides the most immersive Zwift experience.

Join Zwift FREE for 7 days. No payment required.

Here are the smart trainers we recommend for use with Zwift:

 Tacx Neo Smart Direct Driver Trainer.png

Tacx Neo Smart Direct Driver Trainer $1,549.99


Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 5.52.42 PM.png

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer $899

Tacx Vortex Smart Ergotrainer with Electro Brake.png

Tacx Vortex Smart Ergotrainer with Electro Brake $464.98

 Wahoo Fitness KICKR 11-Speed Bike Trainer.png

Wahoo FitnessKICKR 11-Speed Bike Trainer $1,199.99


Wahoo Kickr Snap Power Trainer $599.99


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