Lizard Skins Bar Tape

We recommend replacing your bar tape at least once per season, in colder climates Spring is the perfect time. Fresh bar tape can make your bike feel new again. While there are countless great options, we are fond of Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm bar tape. If you have never replaced your bar tape, you will be surprised at the impact it can have on how your ride feels.

Lizard Skins bar tape is widely used in the Pro Peloton and is the bar tape used by Nairo Quintana and the Movistar cycling team. We have been using Lizard skins on our bikes for a few years now and the tape is provides plenty of grip and comfort and cushioning so your hands will feel fresh after a long ride.

The people at Lizard Skins understand the feel of a perfectly padded handlebar, the bar tape feels great whether you are wearing gloves or not with all day comfort and a grippy feel that will add to your confidence whether riding on hot day or rain drenched day! The tape’s unique file tread texture improves grip while allowing your hands to move easily from one position to another.

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