Winter Cycling Break or Not?

After a long season of training outdoors and loving almost every minute of it, what do you do when off season arrives?

Some get on their indoor trainers or join local gyms and do spin classes.

Other cross-train by skiing, strength training, swimming, and running.

Are you riding indoors during the winter, if yes what do you do to motivate yourself to be consistent?

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I train all winter long on a turbo trainer. Fortunately I ride with a strong group…. keeping up come spring time is motivation enough!

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  2. Sometimes I need a break from riding, and winter is the perfect time to take that. I have done the indoor spinning to keep my legs ready for riding season – especially if I have a bike trip planned. But, sometimes it is simply a good time to enjoy other adventures like snow shoeing. I really like hot yoga in the winter – SO good for the body 🙂

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    1. Bkool, Wahoo or Tacx?


      1. I’d love a Tacx NEO, but for now I’m on rollers + powermeter.

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