The Hell of The North

Paris-Roubaix, aka “The Hell of the North,” has enough cobbles to shake bikes and bones to bits, and enough bad weather to make it treacherous even for the best professional cyclists. Held every April since 1896, the race follows a 270-kilometer course between the suburbs of the French capital and the northern industrial city of Roubaix.

A Sunday in Hell: One of the greatest cycling films of all time! Highly acclaimed Danish director and documentary filmmaker Jorgen Leth brings you the drama of Paris-Roubaix in a film that became a foreign classic in the U.S. A Sunday in Hell is a psychological and dramatic study of the battle between Merckx, DeVlaeminick, Marten and Mosera. Over 90 minutes of spine-tingling suspense that leave the viewer limp from vicarious excitement. Merckx, De Vlaeminck, Martens and Moser – a gallery of great names clash in battle over the pave. We are mesmerized by Leth’s perceptive vision of what a spring classic means. A true masterpiece of cycling cinematography. This is a must-have video for every cycling fan’s collection!

See the battle between Merckx, DeVlaeminick, Marten and Moser! Buy the movie below :

Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell – Buy the Book

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