Winter Cycling Gear

Winter cycling while never ideal can be made more pleasant. If possible we recommend buying a bike that will be better suited to snow and ice and some studded winter tires. While you may be tempted to take a ride on your speedy road bike, we recommend a budget hybrid, mountain or fat tire bike.

For clothing we recommend a winter jacket that is light weight yet insulated like the Columbia Omni Heat line of jackets. Your base layer should be made from a material that will wick away sweat from your body, a cycling jersey that you already own will be great for that. Between your jersey and jacket, put on as many layers of wool or cotton shirts depending on what the temperature is outside. The colder it is the more layers you should wear to keep your torso warm.

While there are many winter cycling shoes on the market, they tend to be expensive ranging in price from $150 to $200. If you are on a budget you can find a far less expensive option by purchasing winter rated hiking boots that will keep your feet warm down to -20F / -29C for about $45, we recommend the Khombu Flume 2 waterproof boots. When buying winter boots, get them a half size big so you can wear two or more layers of socks to keep your feet nice and warm. We recommend buying several pairs of smart wool socks or merino wool socks to layer.

Next you will want to keep your hands warm as the temperature drops. We highly recommend the Pearl Izumi – Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves! These gloves allow your fingers to move and keep your fingers together to keep them warm.

For your legs we recommend the base layer be cycling tights. On top of the tights for added warmth either sweat pants or fleece pants. The last layer should be rain pants to block the wind and keep your legs dry.

If it gets below freezing we recommend ski goggles to cover all skin and protect your eyes.

If all of this seems like too much work and you would rather ride in the comforts of your home while watching something on your HDTV.

We highly recommend the Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer.




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