Froome cleared to race Tour de France

The UCI has considered all the relevant evidence in detail (in consultation with its own experts and experts from WADA). On 28 June 2018, WADA informed the UCI that it would accept, based on the specific facts of the case, that Mr Froome’s sample results do not constitute an AAF. In light of WADA’s unparalleled access to information and authorship of the salbutamol regime, the UCI has decided, based on WADA’s position, to close the proceedings against Mr Froome.

UCI rejects Froome’s doping defense

Union Cycliste Internationale appears to be open to banning Chris Froome and disciplinary proceedings by sending the adverse doping test Froome returned at the Vuelta a España last season to a tribunal. German judge Ulrich Haas will oversee the case according to French sports daily L’Equipe.

Detroit Lexus Velodrome

The 64,000-square-foot, $4 million Lexus Velodrome opened on January 26, 2018. The Lexus Velodrome project was led by Dale Hughes, Executive Director of the Detroit Fitness Foundation and velodrome-designer. Hughes has built more than 20 velodromes around the world.

The indoor multi-sport complex was built on Edward Tolan Playfield in Midtown. The site was named in 1968 to honor Thomas Edward “Eddie” Tolan. Tonlan was nicknamed the “Midnight Express”, a track and field athlete, Cass Tech graduate and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Alter Cycles Reflex Bike

Alter Cycles feature a flexing of the down-tube absorbs road bumps providing a smoother ride.

Making pedaling easier and more efficient by lengthening the power stroke, storing energy during the down stroke and releasing that energy at the bottom of the pedal stroke. When the energy is released, it reduces or eliminates the dead spot in your pedal stroke for a more even distribution of power. The result: pedaling is easier and more efficient, allowing you to accelerate faster and climb hills in higher gears.

ZIPP Dimond Custom

In building this bike, Morse sought to represent his career by selecting a Dimond frame and slightly modifying it for track usage. He designed the molds and did the carbon layup. He also designed the fork. For wheels, he selected the Super-9 Disc and 808 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers, both wheels he helped design.

Morse also sought to pay tribute to the bygone era of unconventional aero superbikes of the 1990s. The American-themed paint scheme of his Dimond bike is a tribute to the “Project 96” bikes of the 1996 U.S. Olympic cycling team.


LENGTH OF SWEDEN is an endurance ride documentary – following three cyclists on the 2,100 km Sverigetempot randonée along the spine of Scandinavia. The Sverigetempot is a ten year old, officially-sanctioned brevet, totaling 2100 kilometers. The ride begins on the Sweden and Norway border, in a small town called Riksgränsen. From there, a small group of riders have either 144 hours or 177 hours to make it to the southernmost point of the country, Smygehamn.

Nikola laterally moving pedal

The new generation of Nikola pedals is here. Nikola Innovation’s patented Zivo™ technology combines the movements of a skater and cyclist into one smooth motion that provides new efficiency, comfort, and power for the cyclist – a great bike pedal for bad knees. Get the pedal performance, comfort and efficiency you need.

The top 5 benefits of cycling

Most of us learn how to ride a bike when we are children and it is our first taste of freedom. As the saying goes, you never forget how to ride a bike. If you are not cycling, here are some great reasons to go to your local bike shop and get back into the sport for your health.

Going for a ride is good for your heart and muscles, and it may improve how you walk, balance, and climb stairs.

“Cycling is socially oriented, it’s fun, and it gets you outside and exercising,” says Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Five innovative coffee makers

As cyclists we love making cafes mid ride destinations during long or cold winter rides. Here are Five innovative coffee makers to consider for the next time you make coffee at home. At hot cup of coffee is a great way to start your day.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the world’s largest show for custom-built bicycles, the 2018 show will be taking place in Hartford, CT on February 16th.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show provides an interactive forum for frame builders and cycling enthusiasts to come together to share new products, ideas, and support, the artistry and craftsman of the builders transcends cycling: anyone who appreciates artisanship and craftsmanship will enjoy the show.

Ontario investing $93 million in cycling!

Ontario is making it safer and more convenient for people to get around by bike, by more than doubling its investment in local cycling to build bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure in towns and cities across the province. This investment is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province’s cap on pollution and carbon market.